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Coded Media Entertainment Creatives to Release a Super Mix tape Compilation
After working with great promising up and coming artists for several months, Coded Media Entertainment Studios managers as well as Coded Media Entertainment Creatives have finally agreed to compile a mix tape of all the best recorded music this year.
The Mixtape is set to have genres such as Hip-Hop, Trap, R&B, Soul and bonus House tracks all recorded and created by one or more of our creatives in the house.  
The Mixtape will be available for free download on our web [] and on other music sites such as Soundcloud.

Not all up and coming artists who recorded with cmecreatives will make it on this new mix tape compilation. But there will be a mix tape compiled every season so no artists will be left out. Our intention is to put every creative artist on the tape and to expose them to new fans and to help them build their connections stronger. 

The reason for this tape is to build a family of artists who work hard to achieve their goals in the music business. We hope this mix tape will be the first step in uniting our artists and building an inspired group of creatives who will elevate the up and coming generation of creatives. Upload your images now and get ready for the cover design for this first mixtape volume. If you have any questions contact us now: l WhatsApp: 065 808 2457
Article by: @cmecreatives 24/April/2018
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