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What is Audio Mastering?

Audio Mastering is the Final step in Music/Audio Production. It is the process held by the Sound Engineer. The term Audio Mastering is commonly used to refer to the process of taking an audio mix and preparing it for distribution or publishing.
How does it Audio Mastering Work?

There are several considerations in this process such as: unifying the sound of a record, maintaining consistency of tracks across an album, and preparing it for distribution or publishing. A typical mastering process includes eq, dynamic compressors, stereo enhancers, limiting & Noise shaping”.
Should i consider a Proffessional for Audio Mastering?

Traditionally Mastering was made simple, just getting the music as loud and clear as possible, but today it’s not that simple. That is why up-&-coming artists are strongly recommended to consider sending their music to proffessional audio mastering engineers.

Many producers claim to understand the process of Auido Mastering but you will only find a very few who realy know what their doing. 
Getting your music broadcasted in South Africa can be a pain in the butt due to poor Audio Mastering. Radio compiliers are strict when it comes to proper Audio mixing and Mastering. Make sure you music is properly Mastered before sending it to any Major Company, Radio and Television. 
Article by: Phenyo Malatji  10/Jan/2018
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