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Smiley Gates is a South African music artist from Limpopo with more energy and vibe than most artists you know about. With hard knocking hip hop beats, Gates knows how to use his voice to move any crowd.
We managed to get a preview of the First Friday Event which took place early this year in Polokwane. Gates had the privilege of opening the event, and he did just that with a cheesy performance worth watching.

Smiley Gates, the LIT ETERTAINMENT artist is well known for hyped up energy on stage with assistance from his talented on-set Dj, Dj T-Tee who is a Hip hop Dj and also Smiley Gates’ longtime friend. These two have the new hip hop sound and swagger we are all looking for.
During 2017, Gates worked on a single track with Coded Media Entertainment Creative and the song has turned out to be a smash hit locally. The track is titled “I Wanna Know” produced by Shuffle Beats.

This song is a hip hop track with smooth synthesizers and 808 kicks, with Smiley Gates voice and great auto tune effects that give the emotional feel to it where Gates talks to an imaginary ex and gives life to the song like no other would.

Download the song here: Smiley Gates - I Wanna Know.mp3 
Smiley Gates is sure to give you a performance worth watching, A Lit cheesy performance. 
Article by: Sandra Levels 26/Jan/2018
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