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Quali_SA Breaking New Heights With His Love For Music
Producer/artist Quali_SA is breaking new heights with his love for music this year as we all expected. Even though he has been going through rough times during the past year, he has shown a lot of strenght by holding his head up during those rough times and sticking to what he loves most. the music!
The producer/artist has been seen setting new standards since he entered the music business. Early this year, He began taking things to a whole new level with his music production skills. In the process he became the main producer of several up & coming artists as well as big names in the music industry mostly in the Gauteng Province.
He then went on to secure a business relationship with Coded Media Entertainment Studios which is parent Company of Coded Media Entertainment Creatives, A top-class multimedia production house in the process. “ I love doing what I do man, I couldn’t have chose any other life if I had to, I have to thank the Almighty God for all he has done and what keeps doing for me” he said in a talk with @cmecreatives.
When asked what’s next, Quali_SA was quick to tell us that his fans should expect great music very soon. “I am back in the recording studio now since I’ve been working with @cmecreatives and my other connects, better and more experienced. Ya’l better be ready for what I got coming” he told us.
Article by: @cmecreatives 28/Mar/2018
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