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Getting the Best from the Multiband Compressor
Fruity Multiband Compressor is a three band stereo compressor using ButterWorth IIR or LinearPhase FIR filters to separate the incoming signal into three bands for processing. Limiter functionality is also included. 

Multi-band compressors can be just as useful in the mixing stage as they are in mastering. Obviously there is not a lot of point treating simple, monophonic sounds with a five-band processor, but groups of instruments can really benefit from this sort of compression

When to use?

Use the Fruity Multiband Compressor in the Master Mixer Track for the final mix while mastering. If you need to compress individual Kick or Bass sounds (for example) we recommend the Fruity Compressor or Fruity Limiter as they are easier to set for individual
How to set attack and release times?

Multiband compression should always be transparent. This usually means opting for long attack and release times, low ratios and small amounts of gain reduction. If you find yourself having to use very heavy settings to get the desired effect, you may want to look at the original mix and make some changes.
With a multi-band compressor applied to your drum buss you can treat separate drums. Low- and mid-frequency drum parts can be attenuated without affecting any other area of your drum mix. This sort of treatment will also give your drum sound a cohesive quality that is often hard to achieve with a number of single-band compressors.
IIR/FIR (Filter type)
 - Select either an IIR (ButterWorth IIR, 24dB/oct) or a FIR (LinearPhase) filter. FIR is recommended for mastering applications. 
 - When selected (ON) the output of the Multiband Compressor will not exceed 0 dB. 
 - Controls the scroll rate of the peak/filter cutoff display. When the slider is set to 0 (far left) the peak display will be turned off and only the filter cutoff graph will be displayed. 
Filter cutoff
- Four knobs below the Speed slider for selecting the filter cutoff. From left to right: Lowpass upper limit, Midband lower limit, Midband upper limit and Highpass lower cutoff. The frequencies defined by these cutoffs as Low, Mid and High are then fed to the LOW BAND, MID BAND and HIGH BAND compressors.
Article by: @cmecreatives  19/Feb/2018
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